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Elise Strømseng wins Tyfus Statuette for efforts in a year of high suffering ; Frida Krystad wins youth cultural award


During a year when Longyearbyen experienced far more “typhus” than usual, Elise Strømseng was among those who suffered the most. But she also at the forefront of the many who helped relieve the misery.

Strømseng, won this year’s Typus Statuette, presented to “a resident whose work has kept us out of typhus” (the illness being an old Svalbard reference to all things bad from “poorly paid piecework to a sour beer.)”


Frida Krystad, 15, right, accepts Longyearbyen’s annual youth cultural activities grant from Mayor Arild Olsen during the Syttende Mai gala Tuesday night at Kulturhuset. Photo by Mark Sabbatini / Icepeople.

The award was presented during the annual Syttende Mai gala Tuesday night at Kulturhuset. The evening’s other major award was presented to Frida Krystad, 15, winner of this year’s annual youth cultural activities grant.

Ulrik Snibsøer wins annual youth cultural award as a master of all musical trades, knows-jack of none


For Ulrik Snibsøer, the magic word was “ukelele.”

Snibsøer, 15, who picked up a saxophone at age five and a wide assortment of other instruments since, realized he was the winner of this year’s 10,000-kroner youth cultural grant when the recitation of a lengthy list of the person’s musical credentials reached an instrument he picked up recently that some teens might shun as lacking a certain cool factor.