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UPDATE – AIRPORTS WON’T ‘CLOSE’: Norwegian citizens and residents will be allowed to enter, foreigners to depart, ministry says in clarification to policy starting Monday


Norway’s airport won’t actually “close” as of 8 a.m. Monday, as Norwegian citizen and foreigners with residency permits will be allowed to enter the country, the Ministry of Justice and Public Security stated Saturday evening in a clarification of an earlier announcement that resulted in widespread confusion.

Your name here: Gov’t to track all passengers on Svalbard flights, changes law to kick out ‘undesirables’


Congratulations Dmitry – you just made coming here a bit more annoying for everybody.

Airlines are now being required to submit the names of all passengers on all scheduled and charter flights to The Governor of Svalbard before traveling to the archipelago. In addition, persons banned in mainland Norway can now also be exiled from Svalbard due to a change in entry requirements announced Friday by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.