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TACO TRUCK’S TINY TREK: Vehicle loses Lompensenteret spot – but gets new home across sidewalk at Svalbardbutikken


The colorful story of the world’s northernmost taco truck in just a couple short months of existence had some extra spice added this week when it was suddenly shut down indefinitely because it was no longer welcome at its must-visited site next to Longyearbyen’s main shopping center. But the indigestion was short-lived for the truck’s owner and fans, as it is being allowed to relocate from Lompensenteret to the outside of Svalbardbutikken a mere few meters away.

TACOS ON TRIAL: ‘Soft’ opening of new truck with soft ‘authentic’ street tacos draws large crowd during wee hours


A few hours earlier things definitely weren’t so hot, with Andreas Styrsell worrying about certain essentials such as electricity for the “soft opening” of his new taco truck. But a few hours later at 11 p.m. Friday things were (mostly) sizzling along at the world’s northernmost food truck – by a mere few meters of his “competition” – with Styrsell reassuring some in the cluster of customers the fare wasn’t too hot for those whose taste buds were as low on the Scoville scale as the mercury in the thermometer in the chilly Arctic midnight twilight.