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SVALBARD’S FIRST GENDER-NEUTRAL GOVERNOR: Lars Fause, former second-in-command, returns 10 years later to top spot with first-ever title of Sysselmester instead of Sysselmannen


New Svalbard Gov. Lars Fause watches sign master André Jenssen replace the administration’s building sign Thursday. Photo courtesy of The Governor of Svalbard.

Since this is an English-language newspaper, here’s the official announcement in Norwegian filtered through Google Translate: “On 1 July 2021, The Governor of Svalbard changes his name to The Governor of Svalbard.”

Yikes – and the “new title is the old title” gibberish isn’t even the worst part…officially. The worst is the reference to “his,” which Norway’s government now considers taboo because…well, sex is bad.

The upshot is Svalbard has a new boss with a new title.

MEET THE NEW MASTER: Lars Fause, lead Troms/Finnmark prosecutor and former Svalbard lieutenant governor, to be new archipelago governor under new Sysselmester title as of July 1


A decade after departing as Svalbard’s second highest-ranking official, Lars Fause is returning as Svalbard’s new governor – under the new gender-neutral Sysselmester title – as of July 1.

SVALBARD’S GOVERNOR NOW A MASTER OF POLITICAL INCORRECTNESS? Sysselmannen to become Sysselmester due to gender-neutral law – but is it, um, a bit of slave trading?


The “governor” of Svalbard will become the “master” of Svalbard as of next July 1 to fulfill a Norwegian law that all official titles be gender-neutral by next year – but in becoming what some see as a slave to the politically correct renaming craze did the government just submit to a different form of servitude?