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SVALBARD’S 10 STRANGEST STORIES OF 2018: Russians linked to polar bear porn video connected to Trump meltdown while Norway’s royal family gets trashed


Pretty much all of the news in Svalbard is strange compared to anywhere else.

Fishy business: Listhaug quits as justice minister, replaced by fisheries minister with lots of recent Svalbard experience


Svalbard controversial and short-lived new boss is gone. Meet the next controversial new boss – who may also be short-lived.

A potential collapse of Norway’s government was avoided Tuesday when Minister of Justice and Public Security Sylvi Listhaug resigned shortly before she faced a no-confidence vote in Parliament. The crisis was sparked when Listhaug, a member of the anti-immigration Progress Party, accused members of the opposition Labor Party of putting “terrorists’ rights” before national security.

Top government official says protecting life and health are vital for disaster-prone Longyearbyen; considering the government may collapse tomorrow, nobody cares


There were the expected emphatic statements about the life and health of the people being the government’s top priority, but since the life of the current government may be measurable in hours it’s not a stretch to say the full attention of the bureaucrats in Oslo isn’t on the new dismaying new crisis in the country’s northernmost town.

Digging a hole: New justice minister cancels Svalbard visit to face no-confidence vote for controversial statements

They said her vehement anti-immigration policies wouldn’t likely be relevant to her administrative oversight of Svalbard. They were wrong – perhaps disastrously so for all involved.

Controversial immigration minister named new justice minister; responsibilities include governing of Svalbard


Sylvi Listhaug, a Progress Party member known for controversial stances on immigration, has been named Norway’s new Minister of Justice and Public Security, a job whose duties include oversight of Svalbard. But local officials, while stating it’s vital to know where she stands on matters related to the area’s major economic and societal transition, said they don’t expect her positions on immigration to be a significant factor.