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Standing tall: Sveinung Lystrup Thesen wins Tyfus Statuette by being the ultimate local ‘yes man’


Sveinung Lystrup Thesen definitely didn’t consider himself a candidate for Longyearbyen’s top citizen award. In fact, the honor kinda screwed up his family vacation plans during Norway’s biggest holiday.

Home fires: Rentals continue to be scarce and costly despite layoffs; politicians point fingers at who’s to blame


There’s lots of newly-built housing, people are being laid off by the hundreds – yet places available for rent are extremely rare and costly

Dozens of Longyearbyen residents have scrambled to find housing on short notice during the past couple of months due to the destruction of 11 homes in the Dec. 19 avalanche and the 30 tenants at Gamle Sykehuset forced to suddenly evacuate their apartments last month. While most appear to have found at least temporary housing, the shortage has touched off a political feud about who’s responsible for the situation and how it should be addressed.