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PERFECT AND/OR PECULIAR POLAR PUB PURCHASE? Landmark Svalbar put up for sale, gets global attention as the site of a recent polar bear ‘pub crawl’


Among its many colorful tidbits of the pub’s history is a polar bear really did wander right up to its windows this past winter – and that’s being used as a selling point, for a potential buyer with the right mentality.

Of course, there is the not-so-small factor that business lately has been decimated lately by the COVID-19 pandemic, but that isn’t showing in any of the now-gone-viral global media coverage announcing the landmark Svalbar establishment is now up for sale.

Lock ’em up, take away the key: Governor tells motorists to stop leaving keys in vehicles after recent thefts


For decades it’s been a tradition for Longyearbyen residents to leave their keys in vehicles because there was virtually no change they’d be stolen. The Governor of Svalbard says those days are over.