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Pushing Against The Ocean: In six years the Arctic coasts they’re cleaning will again be full of trash – is it worth the effort? (PLUS: Watch trailer for upcoming documentary)


The beach along the rocky inlet is strewn with so much and such diverse garbage it’s reasonable to suspect it might have been the dumping ground for a fish camp. And some Russian graves at the top of the ridge might support that theory – if they weren’t more than a century old.

Instead, the evidence suggests it was dumped during a six-year period by everyone from fishermen in the north Atlantic to families in London who don’t recycle their soda cans.

Stinky prize: ‘Trash lottery’ winners clear 101 cubic meters of trash from north shores during cleanup cruise


Winning the “trash lottery” so you can be Svalbard’s version of a “sanitation engineer” is awesome. Getting a big prize is more of a mixed blessing.

Twenty-four winners of a drawing involving more than 200 people cleared a total of 101 cubic meters of garbage from the shores of north Spitsbergen during the annual cleanup cruise hosted by The Governor of Svalbard.