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STREAMING SONGS FOR SOLSTICE: ‘Under The Midnight Sun’ concert by a dozen performers, many working as guides in Svalbard, makes summer debut Sunday live on Facebook


Screenshot of Marty Garwood, a performer at the “Under The Midnight Sun” concert, from video by Antarctic Ambassadors

Unlike many recent past summers there’s no organized weekend beach party to celebrate the summer solstice, or the usual swarm of cruise ship passengers and crew wandering around town. But a celebration by a group of guides, photographers and others who often spend their summers working in Svalbard is scheduled in the form of an “Under The Midnight Sun” concert from 7-9 p.m. Sunday that will be streamed live on Facebook.

GLOW IN THE DARK: Months of darkness typically mean black times in Arctic communities, but for many in Longyearbyen it’s a period of socializing, exploring and other types of illumination


One woman says she prepared for her first dark season in Longyearbyen by stockpiling knitting, cooking and other supplies in anticipation of long months of chilly isolation, but how communally embracing the world’s northernmost town is of the many “other” forms of light during the continuous night quickly and inescapably dawned upon her.

“I went to so many activities I didn’t even touch the things I bought to keep myself from getting depressed,” she said. While mostly a blessing that also meant “I feel like I don’t have time for anything because people always want to meet up…(there was) no time for myself.”