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DOGGONE IT, WE’RE GONNA HAVE A FOOD FESTIVAL: Sure there’s crowd limits, but fourth annual Smak Svalbard begins w/ free hot dogs, entertainment and local food prep lessons


Like everything else this year there’s going to be considerable abnormal disruption at the fourth annual Smak Svalbard. In addition to the expected COVID-19 size/precaution measures, almost everything will be happening with an ambiance of massive construction sights/sounds just a few meters away.

But the fact is everyone still needs to eat and just being able to stage the world’s northernmost food festival is something of a triumph given that virtually all other local festivals have been forced to cancel since the pandemic started in March.

And in a sign of how ravenous many locals are to nourish themselves socially and well as calorically, many of the featured events are already sold out.

EXPANDING THOSE PERSONAL BOUNDARIES: 3rd annual Smak Svalbard allows folks of all tastes under big tent – and beyond


Yeah, there’s an election with a lot of divisive issues starting Sunday, but until then people of all persuasions are being invited into the big tent to support a party based on that unquestioningly universally supported platform known as eating.

Which isn’t to say there isn’t a wide variety of candidates ranging from a bus tour serving locally grown greens to a formal five-course king crab, or that some are controversial (sheep heads and whale, for starters) during the third annual Smak Svalbard festival. But such diversity also means the world’s northernmost food festival gets to expand its big tent offerings – literally, since the mentioned meals and many more events are taking place at locations around Longyearbyen between Thursday and Sunday.