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Chillingly clueless: Svalbard’s 10 strangest stories of 2015


Which is stranger: a year where parasitic wasps went on a killing spree or the year that actually happened? Yeah, we’re not sure either.

All we know is both versions of Svalbard will be back – and probably even stranger – next year.

Trashed! The ‘rubbish hut’ is no more – although its frame and cabin may be recycled


The rubbish hut has gone to trash heaven – but its disciples may find comfort in knowing there is the possibility of an afterlife.

The small hut, made of trash collected from the north shores of Spitsbergen, was stripped down to its teepee-like wood pole frame and its elevator-size cabin on Friday, said Solveig Egeland, who designed and helped build the cabin in August of 2014. Removing the colorful – and climbable – assortment of debris such as fishing nets, plastic trawl balls and ropes ends the hut’s 14-month history controversy, quirks and ultimate triumph.

Rant: Somebody saw a spaceship and alien beings in Longyearbyen. Somebody else assumed we’d be the newspaper that would jump on the story. So we did.

Once again we’ve lived up to our reputation for being THE source of trashy journalism in Svalbard.

An Englishman known as “Dewsburyman” told the world Saturday he’d seen “evidence of alien beings” in Longyearbyen on Saturday in the form of a photo from the webcam at The University Centre in Svalbard showing what appeared to be “a spaceship (green with gold top) parked by the water’s edge.”

Taking out the trash: Rubbish hut coming down ‘soon’ despite pleas from former haters of art project

It took a long time for skeptics to be grow fond of a pile of trash on the beach. But now they can’t talk its creator out of removing it.