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‘I’VE BEEN TO BIGGER WEDDINGS THAN THIS’: Robert Plant performs northernmost gig ever for a crowd of 175, who are totally cool with getting close and personal


The guy selling merchandise in lobby said it’s the smallest venue he’s worked in 27 years and even then there were gaps on the floor where the crowd gathered a meter from the stage. But for Øistein Rosen, a Kristiansund resident traveling with his wife and six others to see Led Zepplin frontman Robert Plant play the first of two gigs in Longyearbyen, the high cost of both the trip and the tickets compared to the legend’s other gigs during his current tour in Norway was perfectly cool.

Empty seats for Robert Plant? Businesses host giveaways as tickets remain for concerts this week by Led Zeppelin legend; who has them and is rock ‘deity’ still worthy of your wallet?


Businesses are buying tickets in batches for employees and giving them away in Facebook trivia contests, such is the availability only a couple of days before the first of two concerts this week by Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant. Pleas to “run and buy tickets” are coming from locals dismayed a rock legend still capable of capacity crowds at major auditoriums and festivals can’t fill a room of a few hundred in Longyearbyen.

Which raises a couple of questions: 1) who’s actually here and willing to pay 1,500 kroner a ticket during a time when many families have departed on holidays and those remaining are younger tourism employees working long hours (very possibly during the gigs) for wages that don’t inspire splurges. And 2) is it worth the price of admission to hear a 70-year-old guy known foremost for being a god of rock two generations ago?

Random weirdness for the week of May 28, 2019


“Even the polar bears will be dancing.” We’re always a bit puzzled when sports stars credit God for a victory, but if indeed that prediction by a certain group of fervent locals happens after this weekend’s Champions League final we might have to rethink if She does indeed take sides.