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KAPUT FOR THE DEUTSCHE: Germany and Liechtenstein added to Norway’s growing ‘red list’ due to rise in COVID-19 cases


One of Europe’s few remaining countries not to rejoin Norway’s “red list” in recent weeks due to a “second wave” of COVID-19 cases is now the victim of ill fate, as people arriving from Germany and Liechtenstein will officially be subject to mandatory quarantine requirements beginning Saturday, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health announced Wednesday.

GREECE, IRELAND, UK AND AUSTRIA (AND COPENHAGEN) NOW ON NORWAY’S ‘RED LIST’: Quarantine requirement takes effect Aug. 22; northern Sweden downgraded from ‘red’ to ‘yellow’


The list of countries being re-added to Norway’s “red list” due to surges in COVID-19 cases took another big jump Wednesday, as people arriving from Greece, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Austria will be subject a mandatory 10-day quarantine starting Saturday. The requirement will also apply to the “greater Copenhagen” region of Denmark, although one reprieve will occur as the region of Norrbotten in northern Sweden is being downgraded to “yellow” status.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of Dec. 1, 2015


More than 100 Svalbard species on updated ‘red list’
A total of 103 out the 487 species assessed in Svalbard have been placed on the “red list” in Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre’s first update of the database since 2010. Of those, 55 are categorized as endangered, which by definition has an “extremely high risk of extinction if the current conditions persist.”

Svalbard’s glaucous gull population drops sharply; scientists seek higher Red List status for species


It might seeem hard to believe with thousands of them breeding in colonies throughout Svalbard, but one of the area’s most important seabird species needs to be officially listed as threatened due to decades of population decline that is accelerating at an alarming rate, according to researchers.