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NORWAY’S 2020 BUDGET UNVEILED: Svalbard gets more for avalanches and research, less for ‘normal’ government stuff


It might be said Norway’s government is now giving Svalbard lots of change come budget time every year, as next year’s proposed spending plan continues to increase funding for emergency-related expenses such as avalanche protection and large-scale shifts in society such as an emphasis on scientific research.

But the government is being more frugal with everyday expenses, reducing slightly the allocation to Longyearbyen’s municipal government and rejecting upgrade requests such as an energy conservation plan for the town’s mostly coal-fueled power supply.

Black ops: Largest-ever oil cleanup exercise in Svalbard tests new equipment, eyes increasing likelihood of spills

It was a great day for a massive oil spill in Svalbard.

If that statement seems at odds with reality, then so was the largest-ever exercise deployed here to clean up the simulated spill from a cruise ship last week – in some aspects, at least. The weather was unseasonably warm and calm, and a few ships equipped to handle spills just happened to be in the area.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of March 29, 2016


Debris from homes wrecked by avalanche go to mainland
The remains of the 11 homes destroyed in the Dec. 19 were placed on a freighter for transport to the mainland last Wednesday. The Hagland Captain is carrying about 3,000 cubic meters of wood fragments, five or six large containers of hazardous materials such as appliances and windows, 12 vehicles, 21 snowmobiles, and several hundred meters of cables, according to LNS Spitsbergen Administrative Director Frank Jakobsen.

Boat without an anchor? Svalbard gets 18M to expand Polarsyssel’s role, but little for new dock in ’16 budget


With Longyearbyen looking to the national government to stay afloat, next year’s proposed budget for Norway does just that – if in a very limited and specific way.

An allocation of 18 million kroner to allow the governor’s new Polarsyssel service vessel operating for nine months during the year instead of the usual six months is among the most notable provisions of the 451 million kroner in total proposed spending for the archipelago. The total is 33 million korner, or about eight percent, higher than 2015.