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FIERCE FALL: Yet more cabins ransacked by polar bear, field research cancelled near Longyearbyen due to bear visits


A trend of late summer/early fall visits by polar bears near Longyearbyen is continuing in great numbers this year as the latest of many visits and intrusions into cabins was reported the past weekend and all field research in valleys near town was cancelled indefinitely Monday due to multiple recent bear visits.

PREY FOR HELP: Reindeer ‘defends’ group on beach approached by polar bear in north Svalbard


A group that had a close encounter with a polar bear in the northernmost part of Svalbard managed to make a hasty getaway in their boat without incident, giving credit to a reindeer in the midst of the encounter who “looked like it was teasing” the predator.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of Aug. 6, 2019


More summer bear encounters, more pedestrian paths in Longyearbyen and yet another person without proper equipment results in a full-scale rescue search in the wee-morning hours.

Shaken up: Two campers scare off polar bear that jumps over tripwire alarm, pays 3 a.m. visit to their tent


Ronny Lauritz Berntsen thought a reindeer was pushing against the outside wall of the tent so he smacked the fabric hoping to scare it away. Then he realized that might not have been a great idea.

Barneo, expeditions on high alert after polar bear shot by expedition; leader disputes accusation he failed to report incident


The leader of a group that shot and wounded a polar bear during a ski expedition from the Barneo ice camp to the North Pole is being accused of handling the encounter negligently and failing to report the incident to camp officials, therefore putting other expeditions in danger.

He is denying the accusations and offering a much different narrative of the encounter, which was also initially detailed in a post on his company’s website April 11, the date it occurred.

Bear of a weekend: Mother and cub crash couple’s cookout at cabin near town, spend two days indulging themselves


Helene Renate Hvedding says the uninvited guests weren’t exactly unwelcome, even if they seriously disrupted plans to spend a weekend with her significant other at their cabin.

A mother polar bear and her cub showed up as the couple was preparing to light a charcoal grill outside their cabin at Revneset the Friday before last, forcing the couple to hastily retreat indoors and stay there for four days as the bears lingered to feast on garbage and anything else they could find that was edible.