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SHOCKER – ‘NORMAL’ NEWS! Svalbard again top ‘TV auction’ donor as per-person average of 397 kr. and 1M kr. total similar to past years, despite COVID-19 impairments


It’s such an exceedingly rare ordinary and good bit of “news we report every year” during the current surreal COVID-19 times it’s truly exceptional news indeed: Svalbard is yet again the highest per-person contributor to a nationwide “TV auction” fundraiser – and the individual and areawide donations are remarkably similar to recent years despite some limitations on activities due to virus-mandated restrictions.

High generosity, high challenge: Svalbard once again tops in per-person donations to national charity telethon, but change in population means many have less to give


It’s so routine it hardly seems newsworthy: Svalbard once again is the top per-person donor in a nationwide telethon that raises funds on behalf of those in need of varying types of assistance. But the annual effort to ensure residents continue their generosity is anything but routine – and is now facing the heightened challenge of reaching out to a community drastically different than even a couple of years ago.

Rapid relief: Longyearbyen off to another fast start in annual telethon; this year’s funds to benefit homeless, addicts, others struggling in Norway


The race to help people who are a step behind got off to its usual fast start in Longyearbyen, with 36,000 kroner raised during a relay race Saturday that set a new speed record and kicked off a month of local fundraising activities leading up to the annual NRK telethon.

A million little pieces: Svalbard again by far biggest per-person donor with 1.1M kr. raised for annual TV auction charity event


It’s as reliable as the sun coming up in the morning (actually far more so since the polar night starts Friday): Every year Svalbard residents donate by far the most per-person to a nationwide fundraiser that culminates in a TV auction to benefit a specific cause.

This year was no different despite lingering tough economic times locally, with Svalbard raising a total of 1,099,988 kroner as of early Monday morning – total of 503.31 kroner per resident, according to NRK. Utsira ranked second at 325.55 kroner and Träna third at 260.06 kroner.

Green with empathy: Month of events to raise money for rainforests ends with telethon, auction Sunday


Sure, you could go somewhere Sunday afternoon or stay home that evening. You’ll just risk having people think you’re in favor of destroying the Earth.