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MOSAiC FORCED OUT OF ‘ISOLATION’ FOR SUPPLIES, NEW STAFF: Year-long research project on ice far north of Svalbard on hold for three weeks as coronavirus cuts off support flights


A year-long project to study climate change on a research ship far north of Svalbard is taking a forced three-week break to sail south to the archipelago to meet with with two other vessels carrying fresh supplies and personnel due to the coronavirus pandemic cutting off support flights, officials announced Friday.

HOW SVALBARD’S ‘OTHERS’ ARE FARING: Pretty much ‘normal’ at hysterically cool Bjørnøya film fest, two women self-isolating all winter at trappers’ hut, no layoffs in Barentsburg


While 90 percent of Longyearbyen’s tourism employees are facing layoffs, all of those in Barentsburg and Pyramiden are busy and planning for the summer season. Life in the international research community of Ny-Ålesund continued normally with the obvious health precautions. Those on a research ship frozen in the ice far to the north are going about daily life normally, but anxious about the virus cutting off incoming staff and support.

Then there’s the tiny Bjørnøya Meteorological Station at the southern tip celebrating its annual film festival despite problems caused by “hysterically clear and fine weather” and black-market tickets. And two women well into nine months of “self-isolation” at a remote trapper’s hut who just celebrated a birthday and are blogging sympathies to those elsewhere following their adventures.

CORONAVIRUS AFFECTS ICE-LOCKED RESEARCH MISSION NEAR NORTH POLE: Person scheduled to join German ship tests positive, flights to vessel via Longyearbyen suspended


A person scheduled to join the year-long MOSAiC mission aboard a German ship north of Svalbard has tested positive for the coronavirus, prompting the suspension of flights for new team members to the ice-locked vessel because the afflicted was a member of the airborne support team, according to officials.