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DOGGONE IT…IS THIS AN OMEN FOR 2021? Community joins on skis, snowmobiles – and Facebook – to find Elfy, who fled into Adventdalen w/ a case of the yipes due to New Year’s fireworks


The infamous year known as 2020 got off to a tragic start minutes after midnight with the appearance of a menacing polar bear in Adventdalen that was killed not long after.

The surely-it’ll-be-better year known as 2021 got off to an ominous start minutes after midnight when the disappearance of a tiny dog known as Elfy into Adventdalen because she was spooked by fireworks.

But this year there was happy ending, thanks to a community immediately setting out “on foot, skis, dogsleds and snowmobiles” into the dark wilderness, leaving behind the fireworks and toasts were still taking place in town.