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Steal-A-Meal: Living on ‘stolen’ bread crusts, cheese and waffles? It’s possible. Here’s the next-best legal thing


A week’s worth of thick-cut oats and raisins: 33 kroner. A week’s worth of tomato/pasta soup and bread: 32 kroner. A week’s worth of spaghetti, jars of marinara and pesto sauce, and brussels sprouts hey, they’re now haute cuisine when they’re roasted): 51 kroner.

Or, if that’s too extravagant, just buy one of those five-kilogram bags of jasmine rice for 40 kroner and indulge in a healthy third-world diet for a month.

And if even that is too profligate, there’s always the crusts and other stray pieces of fresh bread people leave behind in the slicer.

Photo: Ship out of luck


Novelyn Martinez, an employee at the Mix kiosk, restocks empty candy bins after the arrival of a cargo ship in Longyearbyen on Monday, one week later than scheduled due to mechanical problems. The delay left many store shelves empty, although Svalbardbutikken officials have stated during previous shortages their warehouse has enough goods to last for a few months, even if variety might be lacking. Fresh goods and other items also arrive nearly daily by air.