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LIVEBLOGGING POLARJAZZ 2019 (DAY 5): Svalbard’s version of ‘Footprints’ takes on a totally new blue hue in Mine 3


4:58 p.m.: I’m wrong about a lot of things. At the moment that includes the advice that folks coming up here should get a great twilight view before heading into Mine 3 for the finale of Polarjazz. It’s pitch black out, so any tourists feeling cheated out of photos should make their displeasure loud and clear to…well, I’d rather not have it be me. Maybe yell at you dog – I’m sure it’s done something to deserve it.

Hopefully I’m not wrong about my hopes this will be the most intriguing concert of the festival, due to the rustic location and the performance of a Svalbard-specific suite composed just for Polarjazz. Titled “SPOR” (“footprints”), it featured Norwegian actress Juni Dahr reciting verse, acclaimed Norwegian musicians Tore Brunborg and Per Oddvar Johansen on a variety of instruments, and the Store Norske Men’s Choir as accompaniment.

Old-time tough: Reunion of post-WWII residents relives a rough and roguish era with lots of laughs and sorrow


To an ordinary tourist it’s a rusting mine cart with an odd driver’s “seat” at the rear. But for Terje Nūbdal, 59, it marks the spot where a colleague was killed in an accident 34 years ago.

“The driver was standing and he fell out and was killed,” Nūbdal said while exploring his former workplace inside Mine 3 on Saturday with about 40 other former and current Longyearbyen residents participating in a weekend reunion. “He was on the switching track and thought it was going to go one way, but it went the other way.”

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of July 15, 2015


New Store Norske subsidiary to focus on tourism, research
Store Norske is hoping a new subsidiary, Store Norske Momentum (SNM), will create 30 jobs in Longyearbyen by the end of next year in industries branching out beyond coal mining and real estate.

Dark memories: Abandoned Mine 3 to reopen as museum with tours of tunnels this fall


It’s gone from a primary place to move rocks to a rusting relic where folks occasionally play rock. Now Store Norske is hoping to revive the mine’s past spirit in the hope of reaping profits coal can no longer provide.