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TRANSPOLAR TRASH TRAVELS: Plastic pollution in remote Arctic wilderness areas as bad as urban locations anywhere else on Earth, scientists warn


Photo of catamaran being pulled by Polarstern icebreaker during plastic pollution survey courtesy of Alfred Wegener Institute

Sparsely populated areas of the Arctic shows a similar level of pollution as dense towns and cities around the globe, according to a new study published in Nature Reviews Earth & Environment. This includes virtually all habitats, from beaches through layers of the water column to the seabed, and from pollutants including from fabrics, personal care products, packaging and other everyday materials.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of Feb. 23, 2016


Fleece, other synthetics are a major microplastics problem
A large amount of microplastics in local and other Arctic waters appears to be from fleece and other clothing made of synthetic materials, according to two researchers conducting a study in Adventfjorden.

They’re everywhere! First study of microplastics in Svalbard’s waters finds them in 95 percent of spots, especially deep


It’s an itty-bitty problem, except it so massively is not.

Microplastics, tiny particles accumulating at alarming rates in oceans and large lakes worldwide, were found in nearly every sample of water taken during the first study of them in waters south and southwest of Svalbard.