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NO JOKE – MAN PAYS 500 KR. FOR THIS WELL-TRAVELED CHEESEBURGER: One of the meatiest online auctions ever in McD’s-free Svalbard sizzles w/ twist from clowns and kids


(Editor’s note: This story is absolutely, positively not an April Fool’s Joke)

Lasse Haug is lovin’ food in Svalbard. And (some) cheeseburgers. And clowns and kids.

So when the long-ago McDonald’s crew member saw a humble day-old cheeseburger from the chain that lacks an outlet within a thousand kilometers of the world’s northernmost town in a local online auction Wednesday he gobbled up the opportunity. So much so he was willing to pay 500 kroner (more than 25 times the menu price) in one of the town’s meatiest-ever bidding wars – as long as he could “have it your way.”