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“FULL OF LAUGHTER, STRONG WILL AND FULL OF FANTASTIC CRAZINESS”: What Mary-Ann Dahle’s neighbors in Longyearbyen and guests worldwide are saying about her


There’s exactly two Tweets mentioning Mary-Anne Dahle and one links to the local newspaper’s story about her death Saturday. So that’s pretty much all there is to say about the longtime innkeeper…

…which is to say, it speaks volumes about perhaps one of Svalbard’s old-school pioneers who spared nobody and never was spared herself of the sharp-tongue, non-nonsense wit and words she was well-known for.

‘WHAT AN ADVENTURE OF A LADY’: Mary-Ann Dahle, legendary owner of Longyearbyen’s most eclectic lodge (and coat) dies

Mary-Ann Dahle was a dear. And a fox. And a bear. And she kept the penis bones of the aforementioned Svalbard animals and more in a glass case at her bar to place as swizzle sticks in customers’ drinks.

Dahle, 72, died Saturday after a long battle with cancer. She was as well-known for her range of always-intriguing personas as her rustic lodge that attracted famous and adventuresome threadbare alike – and of course her long polar bear coat with the head still attached (“the national coat of Svalbard…it’s very heavy”).

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of March 12, 2019


Mary-Ann Dahle strongly considering selling Mary-Ann’s Polarrigg because she is seriously ill with cancer, Svalbard’s walruses making a strong comeback after being nearly hunted to extinction and two intoxicated men found crawling/walking barefoot in the snow are saved by observers.

Liveblog: ‘Svalbard: Life on the Edge,’ Episode Two (‘Life is Fragile’) from Mary-Ann’s Polarrigg


9:20 p.m.: Since there’s lots of talk about death early in this episode, welcome to the overkill liveblog of Episode Two, since I’ve already published a spoiler-free one during a cast-only preview nine days ago and one with spoilers at a locals-only preview a day later.

This one, from the bar of one of show’s most colorful characters, will hopefully follow a pattern for the rest of the ten-episode series where I blog from various places in Longyearbyen offering public screenings, which will allow comments from other residents (either overheard or voluntarily offered) to be included. The emphasis, rather than a comprehensive plot summary (look to my episode recaps for that), will be on memories I and others have of scenes being filmed, and how “real” the portrayal of Svalbard and the creatures living here is. And, of course, doing this in real-time means the text will be a bit rough until I clean it up the next morning.

Standard disclaimer: The show, titled “Ice Town: Life on the Edge” in most countries, airs in Norway at 10 p.m. on BBC Earth and this liveblog contains spoilers.

Highlands hype: The first TV promos for the BBC docu-soap ‘Svalbard’ are out – here’s what they tell us to expect


The 30-second ad features a polar bear pelt as the main character, while the humans tend to flash by in one-second snippets. The main impressions are we’re quirky (a word used in the TV listing), cold and carry guns.