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Icepeople PDF: March 31, 2015

icepeoplepdf033115Russia bungles announced plans to cancel the Bareno ice camp in favor of military and science camps, with the usual procession of North Pole expeditions scheduled to deploy there during the first three weeks of April. And the Lance scientists got a thrilling contact high, followed by a cold comedown, just before returning to Longyearbyen for Easter. Plus polar bears play the roles of both villains and victims in this week’s PDF.

Polar bear joins Lance research team


Now that they’re finally back on solid ice, that other great natural menace in Svalbard is giving the Lance crew a hassle.

‘Did you feel that?’


Being researchers, it was certainly exciting discovering a new concept of “shift change.”

A new team of scientists and crew members is working aboard the Lance research vessel with the reassurance it’s solidly frozen into the sea ice at a safe northern latitude. But their initiation was anything but tranquil as the final hours of the departing participants were shook up by the ice around the vessel breaking up well to the south of its present location.

Lance’s ‘stock’ crashes: Research ship pushed out of sea ice, will be escorted north again by Coast Guard

Lance weather balloon

As it turns out, the “rally” was short.

The Lance research vessel, which was nearly forced out of the sea ice a week ago until a major storm reversed its southward draft, is now in loose ice and needs to be escorted north again to resume its six-month study of the ice, Svalbardposten reported Saturday.

Storm saves scientists from biggest fear: A boat that floats

Lance frozen in ice

Usually one would have to wonder about a group of supposedly very smart people desperately hoping their boat doesn’t float.