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Burning up: Local environmentalists tell Norway’s government not to bring Arctic oil to a firefight


They were forced to give ground to Mother Nature’s Arctic persona before making their objections heard. Their hope is those targeted by the protests will make similar concessions – or be forced to do so through legal action.

About 20 people gathered around a “warning fire” on the beach at Sjøområdet on Saturday as part of nationwide protest against oil drilling in Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja. The protest occurred two days before Norway’s government proposed opening a record 93 blocks in the Barents Sea to drilling, including  ten in the so-called “Svalbard zone.”

Moving lessons: UNIS students say it feels ‘just like a school trip’ as 86 bussed to Nybyen for evacuation of dorms


Within a couple of hours, the weather forecast changed the general opinion at The University Centre in Svalbard from “all fieldwork is cancelled” to “we need to evacuate Nybyen.”