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SVALBARD’S 10 STRANGEST STORIES OF 2018: Russians linked to polar bear porn video connected to Trump meltdown while Norway’s royal family gets trashed


Pretty much all of the news in Svalbard is strange compared to anywhere else.

Bear is back: Polar bear returns to Isfjord Radio hours after being scared off; officials consider new options


A polar bear that ransacked a food storage room at Isfjord Radio on Sunday morning returned to the station during the evening, prompting officials to return to the area with a helicopter as they pondered options to remove the predator.

Isbjørn at Isfjord: Polar bear ransacks food storage room at Isfjord Radio before governor’s helicopter scares it off


A polar bear broke into a food storage room at Isfjord Radio on Sunday morning and spent a couple of hours eating chocolates, shredding bags of food waste, crushing wine bottles and shattering windows before it was finally scared off by a rescue helicopter, according to officials and observers.

Random bits of weirdness for the week of March 21, 2017


Don’t believe those new claims Norway is the happiest country in the world (or the recent study showing Svalbard folks are happier than those on mainland) – according to many informed people living elsewhere we’re simply deluged and deranged for various reasons. And when you see photos like what these folks at Isfjord Radio consider a proper winter wardrobe sanity would seem to be on the side of the skeptics.

Uninhibited misadventurer: Man’s unarmed walk to Barentsburg, Isfjord Radio ‘a lesson for the others’


Maksym Boreiko is a rugged explorer. He’s also a rash one whose hopefully thankful he’s alive.