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BEAR SPRAY: Artist ‘tags’ Svalbardbutikken with larger-than-life polar predator as part of weekend art exhibit


For Martin Whatson, the hardest part about “tagging” one of Longyearbyen’s most notable buildings in the minus 10 degrees Celsius cold isn’t incurring the wrath of the law (it’s not graffiti if city officials say it’s OK) or his spray paint cans freezing in the cold. Rather, due to how the cold affects the pressure in the cans, it means spraying much thinner droplets that are slow to dry.

“It’s much more drippy,” he said, making precise painting of his polar predator a predicament.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of June 20, 2017


Better efficiency called key part of future energy supply
Buildings in Longyearbyen are so energy inefficient it’s possible to increase population by nearly half, build houses for them and still save energy compared to what Longyearbyen uses today.

Spray and neuter: Suspected tagger jailed before being allowed to leave Svalbard – will he return to to face trial?


Congratulations moron(s). You’re getting the attention you want.

Several structures, including cultural landmarks such as the entrance to Mine 2B, were defaced by graffiti early this week, provoking an outraged group of Longyearbyen residents to conduct a detective search for the culprit(s) via social media. Police arrested a German man born in 1986 Monday afternoon, who denied responsibility for the vandalism.