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FLEA FOR CLEANER PLACES: Annual flea market to benefit national fundraiser, which this year is devoted to reducing ocean trash, taking place this weekend at dorms next to UNIS


It’s not the traditional annual flea market for charity at The University Centre in Svalbard, which was called off due to COVID-19 restrictions, but it’s literally the next-best thing as the event will take place Saturday and Sunday at the student housing building across the street.

How a flea makes a plea: Saturday rummage sale to benefit Longyearbyen Mixed Choir’s performance of ‘Requiem’


It’s come to this, either for the concert leaders or the musicians: hoping enough folks will pay a few kroner for a saucepan or old cassette tapes (but there should be at least a couple of devices that can play them) to ensure those performing a full-fledged local version of Mozart’s “Requiem” next month get their just due.