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Random weirdness for the week of Dec. 4, 2018


Talk about a “wow” headline: “Dead dinosaurs to power cruise ships.” Oh, wait, that’s yesteryear’s news since those rotting Jurassic carcasses are exacting revenge for our grave robbing by ensuring the fumes from their residue (which we refer to as “heavy oil”) wipe us out from climate chaos as well. Since that oil is now banned in our local waters is banned, some authority types that don’t rely on their “big gut” to make Earth-altering decisions are chasing a different form of carcass cruise ship control as Hurtigruten is hoping at least six of its 17 ships will be powered by dead fish by 2021.

Governor beefs up emergency prepardness, but other types of crises loom


The Governor of Svalbard did a pretty good job of improving its ability to deal with emergencies, but that may not offset a lot of unplanned incidents that happen at the local and national levels in the future.

The governor’s annual report for 2014, released last week, highlights improvements such as a new service vessel, a second full-size rescue helicopter, a new hanger and more police officials assigned to a wider range of duties among of the year’s main achievements.