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Scene, not herd: Four teens paint vivid picture of Arctic for climate summit leaders, but words don’t reach the masses


Their pictures were widely featured alongside top world leaders, celebrities like Sean Penn, and impoverished third-world residents affected by climate-related floods and drought. Their words – not so much.

Boat without an anchor? Svalbard gets 18M to expand Polarsyssel’s role, but little for new dock in ’16 budget


With Longyearbyen looking to the national government to stay afloat, next year’s proposed budget for Norway does just that – if in a very limited and specific way.

An allocation of 18 million kroner to allow the governor’s new Polarsyssel service vessel operating for nine months during the year instead of the usual six months is among the most notable provisions of the 451 million kroner in total proposed spending for the archipelago. The total is 33 million korner, or about eight percent, higher than 2015.

What now? Store Norske seeks short-term help, but town’s long-term future perilous as layoffs begin quickly


To the extent there’s hope, it’s mostly that somebody somewhere will think of something.

The first round of layoffs that will ultimately leave Store Norske with about 100 of its current 270 employees is likely to occur next week, said Arild Olsen, the union steward for the workers. He estimated 40 to 50 employees may be affected, most of whom will likely get a three-month notice period.

Go USA…but go away China? Opposing reactions to two large-scale foreign investments in Svalbard


They’re both huge potential investments in Svalbard by foreign entities. One is being hailed as a key element of Longyearbyen’s post-mining future. The other is seen as undesirable and a possible threat.

Progress Party leader: Send these refugees to Svalbard


Svalbard is already a haven for Syria’s crops that are under threat in the war-torn country. Now it’s being suggested thousands of refugees fleeing the country be sent to the archipelago as well.

Sun picks wrong ‘eclipse’ day


Left out of the light, revelers resorted to a “(s)he’s naked under those clothes” attitude on what’s supposed to be one of Svalbard’s brightest days each year.

“The sun is up there somewhere,” said Henrik Rasmussen, one of the two emcees at Sunday’s ceremony intended to welcome the first of sunlight to shine on Longyearbyen in four months.

Random weirdness for the week of March 3, 2015


A giant cruise ship lowering lifeboats after striking an iceberg in icy waters in a special-effects-filled film targeted at Svalbard audiences that bears absolutely no resemblance to “Titanic.”