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Random weirdness for the week of Feb 28, 2017


To the many in Longyearbyen who suddenly have no address, a Very Special Letter arrived a few days ago. Actually, it’s to the “people of Longyearbyen,” but they wouldn’t have gotten it if not for some persistence by the sender and local postal officials since it was mailed to our editor who’s among those evacuated (not the first time we’ve made that inside journalism joke this week) after Tuesday’s avalanche.

Sweet taste of beer: More ways than ever to get hungover during annual Oktoberfest


Drinking more than 60 types of beer, loud music until way past midnight, a long boat ride beginning early in the morning – what could possibly go wrong?

Oh, and that box of beer-infused chocolates you ate after dinner probably won’t make things any easier.

Random Weirdness for the week of Nov. 10, 2015


We’re starting to feel like they’ve rented space here in recent months (feel free to send us a check), but once again we’ve got to tip our hats to the local beer barons for making history in yet one more way by shipping their first batch of brew to the mainland.

Random weirdness for the week of Aug. 4, 2015


Time for another full-blown hoax related to “climate change.” Despite what much of the world now thinks, this polar bear most definitely did not make a record-length underwater dive in Svalbard in a desperate search for food due to a lack of ice floes carrying tasty seals.