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CANDLES DEFYING THE STORM: ‘Slowly we have taken back everyday life’ three years after a deadly and fateful avalanche hits Longyearbyen


There’s a vast dark gap between other homes lit with Christmas lights, and beneath it candles flickering in a snowbank in defiance of heavy rain and wind. Aside from the elements there’s mostly an erie quiet since the water-and-ice surface makes movement treacherous, but at intervals people pause to reflect, place their own candle and exchange memories with others who shared one of Longyearbyen’s most tragic moments three years ago.

Show of Solidarity: Children of avalanche victim Atle Husby join others in tribute to those involved in tragic event


Difficult as it might have been seeing Bendik Adamiak-Husby, 7, his sister, Mali, 8, and brother Rasmus, 6, show a flair for their deceased father’s diverse musical talents, the moment was meant to celebrate of the future, not mourn for what the three children have lost.

The children of Atle Husby, 42, one of two people killed in the Dec. 19 avalanche, were among the featured performers at a free “A Tribute to Solidarity” gala at 7 p.m. Thursday at Kulturhuset. The evening was dedicated to those in Longyearbyen affected by the historic catastrophe that destroyed 11 homes and inflicted an enormous psychological scar upon the community.

The final farewells: Memorial for two-year-old Nikoline Røkenes, hometown funeral for Atle Husby celebrate the light they brought into lives


In addition to flowers, there were lots of balloons at the alter. And mourners in the overflowing church – between the tears – standing and following the priest in the singing and hand-signaling of “This Little Light of Mine.”

Invoking the memories of an innocent childhood lost, reinforced by the muted clamor from a dozen of her innocently unaware and restless peers at the far rear of the church, provided both relief from and a reminder of the crushing blow dealt to Longyearbyen – as much emotional as physical – by the Dec. 19 avalanche that killed two-year-old Nikoline Røkenes.

AVALANCHE UPDATE: Silent memorial for Atle Husby and Nikoline Røkenes at 9 p.m. Christmas Eve at Vei 230


An informal silent memorial for Atle Husby and Nikoline Røkenes, who were killed in Saturday’s avalanche, is planned at 9 p.m. Christmas Eve at the barrier on Vei 230 where access is still restricted.

“Feeling like a strong need to think about and remember Nikoline and Atle,” Heidi Jorunn Brun wrote in a post on a Longyearbyen community Facebook page that has received more than 200 “likes” since the evening of Dec. 23.

AVALANCHE UPDATE: Memorial service for Atle Husby, cleanup of wrecked homes to begin tomorrow


A memorial service for Atle Husby, 42, a musician Longyearbyen School teacher who was killed in Saturday’s avalanche, is scheduled at 10 a.m. Tuesday at Svalbard Church.

Husby, who has three young children, was fatally trapped in one of the ten homes buried by a wave of snow up to four meters high in the Saturday morning avalanche.

AVALANCHE UPDATE: Atle Husby, 42, local teacher and musician, killed in Saturday’s avalanche


Atle Husby, 42, a teacher at Longyearbyen School and a musician involved with numerous projects, including the Store Norske Men’s Choir and the bluegrass band Blåmyra, was killed in Saturday’s avalanche that struck ten homes, The Governor of Svalbard confirmed Sunday afternoon.