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SWEET SOUND OF FREEDOM: Dark Season Blues and Arctic Chamber Music festivals among Svalbard events turning up the volume after a missed year as COVID-19 restrictions lifted


While there’s some harsh “post-Covid” tones on the mainland in the form of violent celebration and foreign countries putting Norway in the highest-risk travel categories, the immediate sounds from Svalbard were harmonious as organizers of various upcoming events including two major music festivals announced they are launching/expanding plans following cancellations of last year’s events.

Change in the wind: Second chamber music festival draws on centuries-old classics to highlight rapid local shifts


It was a breeze for kids who learned to play it in an hour or so before their performance and a breezy challenge for longtime pros performing it in an old tent. But the mix of vast differences an shared similarities characterized a festival whose theme was “change” even though it highlighted music performed hundreds of years ago.

Chamber spot: Svalbard’s first classical music festival brings ‘music of friends’ to historic and new performance sites


A few hours after people in Longyearbyen experienced their first hour of sunlight in nearly four months, Tim Weiss promised a small group of them “you will get tired of the sun” within minutes.

The declaration/warning preceded a performance of the Swedish modern classical composition “Sun Song” during the inaugural four-day Arctic Chamber Music Festival that ended Sunday. Weiss, a conductor from the U.S., said the Friday night performance reflected what he perceives as a local love/hate relationship with the sun.