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Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of June 20, 2017


Better efficiency called key part of future energy supply
Buildings in Longyearbyen are so energy inefficient it’s possible to increase population by nearly half, build houses for them and still save energy compared to what Longyearbyen uses today.

AVALANCHE UPDATE: ‘All emotions are normal in such an abnormal event’; free help available to those needing it


Anna Eckhardt is a crisis intervention expert, so at least she knows why she’s having trouble remembering things this week.

“Memory can be affected by a crisis,” she said during a meeting with Longyearbyen’s English-language community at the Kulturhuset cafe Wednesday, where she and other officials discussed last Saturday’s avalanche, and its short- and long-term aftermath. “You may have super memories, exact details, remembering 20 seconds like they’re in slow motion – or the contrary.”

“I’m realizing going from meeting to meeting that I need to keep a log,” she added.