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‘I will definitely return here’: Growing up in Barentsburg means students, visitors exchange fascinating life experiences


(Editor’s note: This is one in a series of articles by Anna Demkovich, 14, about moving to and growing up in Barentsburg).

It’s hard to forget the landscapes of the Arctic. Especially the beautiful view that I watched every day from the window: the Sleeping Knight, the Pomor Lodge, the fjords.

‘If a day passed without events, it was in vain’: A 14-year-old’s diary about growing up in Barentsburg (part two in a series)


(Editor’s note: This is the second of what was originally a two-part series by Anna Demkovich, 14, about moving to and growing up in Barentsburg. She has since agreed to provide two additional articles about her experiences that will be published in the next two issues. Her first article about moving from a war-torn town in the Ukraine to Svalbard was published in the previous issue of Icepeople.)


When you hear the word “north” you imagine that polar bears are everywhere. Sleds with reindeer and dogs replacing public transport. People dressed in a bunch of clothes so that they look like cabbages. Harsh snowstorms causing huge snowstorms. Icebergs protruding from the water. Harsh, like the Arctic winter, the polar explorers.

And it is. Almost.

How I became an explorer: One 14-year-old girl’s long voyage from the Ukraine to a new life with her family in Barentsburg


(Editor’s note: This is the first of a two-part series by Anna Demkovich, 14, who agreed to share some of her writings about growing up in Barentsburg. This part details how her father found work in the Russian settlement and her journey from her Ukrainian hometown to the far north. A Ukrainian version of this article has been published by her homeland magazine Пульса (“Pulse”).)

It all started with the usual advertisement.

I am the daughter of miners. There are four of us in the family: I, Mom, Dad and my younger sister Dasha. I never stood out among my peers and my life was no different from that of other Krivorozhan children. But I always had a feeling that something special would happen, which doesn’t happen to everyone, and that my world would radically change. But, this “something” did not happen and did not happen. But then…

Exchange students: Youths from Barentsburg and Australia get inadvertent education about life during brief cruise


The youths from Barentsburg ended up taking a boat trip to nowhere due to rough seas. An Australian family who paid to visit the Russian settlement decided they were too tired to disembark while the local kids climbed aboard. Which turned their “diminished” experiences into something much richer than originally planned.