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These go to 89: Local band Advent Bay Poolboys to play first rock concerts at Barneo ice camp during five-day stay


Some people spend years planning and hundreds of thousands of kroner for expeditions to the top of the world. Thomas Nilsen sent a Facebook message on a whim and got an invite to hang out there free with four of his friends for five days.

Unlike others at the Barneo ice camp at roughly 89 degrees latitude north, they aren’t renowned polar explorers, Earth-shaking scientists or soldiers receiving extreme-weather training. Instead, it’s about putting rock on ice as the local quintet known as the Advent Bay Poolboys is scheduled to perform what are billed as the first-ever rock concerts at the camp.

Beer here! Longyearbyen’s first-ever brewery gets off to rollicking, slightly bitter start


After waiting months longer than expected for the first keg of Longyearbyen’s first-ever locally brewed beer to be tapped, the revelers decided they didn’t need their hosts to start the buzz.

Near beer: Longyearbyen’s first-ever brewery days away from debut


After six sobering years of legal battles and several months of sweat-inducing construction work, at least Andreas Hegermann Riis doesn’t have to ponder how he’ll celebrate when the first cans of his history-making beer come off the assembly line.