DARK SEASON IS NO TIME FOR ‘BLACKOUT’: Governor says local youths reportedly attempting dangerous TikTok suffocation challenge; parents and school warned


The light may be vanishing from Svalbard this week, but the governor would prefer it not be forever for local youths who’ve discovered a new form of “blackout” involving self-suffocation.

“The police at the governor’s office are concerned about a TikTok trend among children and young people, which has also found its way to Svalbard,” the governor announced in a press release Thursday. “This is the so-called Blackout Challenge, which means that you suffocate yourself or others until you faint.”

“There have been deaths related to this trend, but not yet in Norway,” Police Chief Lt. Vidar Arnesen said. “All forms of suffocation involve a great danger of death or significant injury.”

The governor’s office has notified Longyearbyen School about the trend, and parents are asked to be aware of it and discuss it with their children, according to the statement.