AVALANCHE ADVISORY: Three skiers safe after triggering snowslide on Nordenskiøldfjellet, but governor issues warning about conditions


Three skiers are safe after triggering an avalanche on Nordenskiøldfjellet at about 1 p.m. Sunday, prompting The Governor of Svalbard to issue an advisory to those on outdoor excursions despite what is seemingly relative safe conditions according to official avalanche warning forecasts.

“The skiers themselves reported the avalanche to to the governor,” a statement notes. “The avalanche area is about 200 meters long and 200 meters high.”

A Level Two (“Moderate”) risk of avalanche is forecast for Sunday and Monday by the Norwegian Water and Energy Resources Directorate. Typically a level three or four (out of five) risk level is present when warnings are issued.

“Be aware of fresh wind slabs, there can be weak layers underneath making them extra sensitive,” the forecast notes.