PROLONGED POST POSTPONMENT: Mail flight cancellations to last most of this week; special flights scheduled Wed., Fri.


The cancellation of mail flights to Longyearbyen that began last week due to technical problems arising from a cracked wing are likely to continue through this week as the second of two planes used for such flights is now being serviced, according to officials.

“What we have done in the situation that has arisen is to book space on regular scheduled flights,” John Eckhoff, a spokesperson for Posten Norge, told Svalbardposten on Monday. “On Wednesday we have chartered a large plane that will come up with mail and goods. The forecasts now are that the aircraft at the workshop will be ready on Friday. Then we will make an extra trip up.”

The cancellations began last Wednesday, with Svalbardbutikken and others shifting some shipments to commercial flights. Svalbardposten reported the supermarket also transferred some of its cargo on FRiday to the Norbjørn, which is now docked in Longyearbyen.