High-flying performance: Sirkus Svalnardo earns trip to UKM national competition (w/ video of performance)


The acrobatic youth troupe Sirkus Svalnardo is among the performers and artists selected to advance to the national UKM talent competition in Trondheim in June following the regional stage during the weekend in Tromsø.


The nine current members of Sirkus Svalnardo have been performing together for about a year. Photo courtesy of UKM.

The nine-member troupe, which combined dance with aerial acrobatics on scarves, was one of four entries at regionals selected to advance. The troupe’s members are Alina Moen, 16, Amalie Prytz, 15, Liv-Anna Ringheim, 16, Niva Stiberg-Hansen, 15, Pia Bronken Eidesen, 14, Sigri Klausen Markusen, 15, Sofie Marlen Solberg, 15, Vilde Olsbakk Rønning, 15, and Vår Aunevik, 15.

Other Longyearbyen youths who participating in the regional competition were performers Elise Bygjordet and Kaja Rennan, and Mali Adamiak-Husby, plus visual art works by Erin Hannah Simonsen, Vilde Storø and Ronja Hermansen.

The national competition is scheduled from June 25-29.

Video from UKM Troms competition (Sirkus Svalnardo’s performance starts at 1:28:50)