Random weirdness for the week of Nov. 24, 2015


Yeah, that’s his ad beneath this week’s rant, but we suspect few people will see as giving him undue free positive publicity when we mention Benjamin Vidmar’s latest “locally sustainable food” effort, which involved handing out cookies made from worms he used for composting last weekend. He’s the one who promoted his “treats” on Facebook with the appetizing photo to the right, so don’t knock us for unfairly portraying the real thing, which looked like regular chocolate chip cookies. As for the taste: “If I didn’t know about the worms I’d say they’re like a regular cookie” said one taste tester who admitted being a bit freaked by the concept initially. But another said “you can really taste the earthworm,” although she admitted it might be a psychological thing. One general consensus: there was a bit too much salt in them. The recipe is available at

… As we continue to mourn the large-scale loss of jobs, sometimes it’s easy to forget some of the most uniquely awesome opportunities are here. For those who massively don’t want to climb the corporate ladder, The Governor of Svalbard is seeking a caretaker for the trapper’s cabin at Austfjordnes “for the winter hunting season of 2016-2017, with a possible extension.” Applicants obviously need lots of wilderness, hunting and fishing experience, and “experience with polar regions and polar dogs is an advantage.”