Random weirdness for the week of Nov. 17, 2015


With everybody in Longyearbyen on pins and needles, Daniel Skyle picked a good week to visit in the hope of promoting his new business. The Swedish native offered two days of free acupuncture treatments at Guesthuset 102 in the hope of luring customers to what he said will be a visiting clinic four times a year. In addition to promising he can make back pain, headaches, depression and oh-so-many other miseries go away, he also says its a remedy for those out in the cold too long and it’s effective on sled dogs. Not all of it involves needles (and he starts getting emphatic about the word “painless” when the subject is brought up. The cold thing, for instance, involves waving some heated wand-like thing over the skin which, for whatever reason, supposedly works better than just huddling near the furnace or fireplace. For those happy to ignore the rather sizable amount of skepticism voiced about the practice in Wikipedia, he plans to return in January.