Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of April 14, 2015


Trapper Hilmar Nois’ hut moved from eroding shore
Villa Fredheim, the landmark historic hut at Sassendalen used by trapper Hilmar Nois, was moved about 50 meters from the shoreline Friday to prevent coastal erosion from destroying the monument. The two-floor hut built in 1924, which was structurally reinforced before being placed on a meal sled, was moved by LNS Spitsbergen in about three minutes. A video of the move is available at

Snowmobiling injuries up nearly double so far this year
A record number of injuries have occurred so far this year, with nearly twice as many reported as last year at this time, although officials said the reason is not certain. A total of 38 patients were treated for snowmobile-related injuries between Jan. 1 and March 25. Bone fractures, especially involving ankles, were among the most common injury, according to John Aksel Bilicz, the hospital’s medical leader. Individuals renting snowmobiles has increased significantly in recent years while group tours have remained relatively stable, but more data is needed to establish a link since the hospital does not categorize patients by residents and tourists, said Margrete N. S. Keyser, tourism advisor for The Governor of Svalbard.

Coop increases dividend to members after strong 2014
Coop Svalbard’s board of directors is so pleased with 2014 it is increasing payouts to members. “Coop had such good results in 2014 that we believe that it is prudent to pay an additional percent to our members locally,” said Frigg Jørgensen, the board’s chairwoman. The dividend guidelines were altered in the Coop system, which allows for back payments. Members will receive a divided equaling five percent of their purchases in 2014 instead of four percent, the highest rate in the country, according to the board. The store reported a 5.4 million kroner profit on 118 million kroner in sales in 2014.