Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of April 7, 2015


Longyearbyen collects less trash, recycles 91 percent in 2014
The amount of household waste in Longyearbyen declined sharply in 2014, with 95 kilograms collected per capita compared to 177 kilograms the previous year, but the figure may be misleading, according to official figures from the Longyearbyen Community Council. The amount of total waste in the city declined 3.1 percent in 2014, with industrial waste increasing nearly the same amount as the household decline. A report by the council called the difference in classification a concern that would be investigated further. A total of 1,699 tons of waste was collected in 2014, 55 tons fewer than 2013, with 1,542 tons sent down to the mainland for recycling. The report noted the percentage of recycled trash has increased significantly in recent years.

Paraglider rescued after hurting shoulder in Reindalen
A paraglider was rescued Sunday after dislocating his shoulder in Reindalen, according to The Governor of Svalbard. “We received notification from a private person, who had received an SMS from an Inreach system,” said Arild Lyssand, a police chief lieutenant for the governor. “It said ‘we have had a serious accident and need transportation. Could you call the governor?'” The Inreach system, which can send GPS locations in addition to SOS messages, showed the injured man was at the Red Cross hut in the valley. Details of his hospitalization and treatment were not available.

Snowmobiles scoot through sobriety checkpoint smoothly
The Governor of Svalbard conducted 51 sobriety checks of snowmobile drivers Thursday at Grøndalen, one of the main routes in and out of Longyearbyen, with none testing positive for alcohol consumption. “We are very pleased. The goal is not to ‘get’ someone, but to have a preventive effect through our presence,” said Trond Olsen. a police chief lieutenant for the governor. A handful of riders received verbal warnings because of missing documents.