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Nine years after July 22 attacks, local victims and families say new turmoil is why ‘utmost consequence of totalitarian and hateful thought can’t be remembered too often these days’


Nine years after nearly being killed – but losing an eye and suffering other long-term injuries – in Norway’s deadliest terrorist attack at Oslo and Utøya, Viljar Hanssen didn’t have much to say – at least about that fateful July 22 date.

8 YEARS AFTER UTØYA: Anniversary of July 22 massacre sees two Longyearbyen families seeking inclusiveness, rejecting fear


The physical and mental scars may get more distant every year, but for two Longyearbyen families victimized by Norway’s deadliest terrorist attack the pleas to “never forget” continue to grow as they see the fear and hatred that traumatized their lives expanding in a global community struggling due to suffering and change.

‘We must open our eyes:’ Five years after Utøya killings, local survivor disappointed some treating it as ‘a natural disaster’


It was the attack the country could never forget, yet it seems people have – or at least the lessons they should have learned.

The fifth anniversary of the mass killing spree by Anders Behring Breivik comes in the midst of a wave of terrorist attacks, mass shootings and other international upheavals that has some Norwegians wondering when they’ll become part of the turmoil. That upsets Viljar Hanssen, who was a 17-year-old Longyearbyen student when he was nearly killed after being shot five times by Breivik at the Utøya youth camp where 69 people died.

Unable to forget: Local survivors of Utøya moving to new places, but old scars remain on fourth anniversary of tragedy


Viljar Hanssen just moved into his own “man cave.” His brother, Torje, celebrated his 18th birthday last week. But as they enter new landmark stages of their lives, they’re being forced to admit to themselves they’ll never be able to leave behind the physical and mental scars inflicted on them four years ago today.