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Chilli feast: Scorching music video, cable car craft, a 150 percent effort and yet another circus prove hot at local UKM


Most small town parents probably wouldn’t be thrilled spending a Friday night being confronted with their son hijacking the pulpit of the local church followed by an escort to the back of a police car, much less seeing it broadcast far and wide. Then again, they could have been the ones watching their kids take a high fall without a net or trying to show it’s actually possible to give a 150 percent effort.

High-flying performance: Sirkus Svalnardo earns trip to UKM national competition (w/ video of performance)


The acrobatic youth troupe Sirkus Svalnardo is among the performers and artists selected to advance to the national UKM talent competition in Trondheim in June following the regional stage during the weekend in Tromsø.