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SHOCKER – ‘NORMAL’ NEWS! Svalbard again top ‘TV auction’ donor as per-person average of 397 kr. and 1M kr. total similar to past years, despite COVID-19 impairments


It’s such an exceedingly rare ordinary and good bit of “news we report every year” during the current surreal COVID-19 times it’s truly exceptional news indeed: Svalbard is yet again the highest per-person contributor to a nationwide “TV auction” fundraiser – and the individual and areawide donations are remarkably similar to recent years despite some limitations on activities due to virus-mandated restrictions.

FLEA FOR CLEANER PLACES: Annual flea market to benefit national fundraiser, which this year is devoted to reducing ocean trash, taking place this weekend at dorms next to UNIS


It’s not the traditional annual flea market for charity at The University Centre in Svalbard, which was called off due to COVID-19 restrictions, but it’s literally the next-best thing as the event will take place Saturday and Sunday at the student housing building across the street.

OFF TO A HEALTHY(?!) RUNNING START: Locals running crazily amok in the streets just a positive diagnosis the spirit of this year’s month of telethon fundraiser activities is starting strong


So at least we’re back to this part of, um, normal life where a giant carrot, a coal miner with briefcase and a pink flamingo raft running wily-nilly through the streets of Longyearbyen isn’t the beginning of a bar joke.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of Sept. 8, 2020


Month of local ‘TV auction’ activities start Saturday, with virus-related restrictions

A month of local activities for a national fundraiser – this time to remedy trash in oceans – is scheduled to start Saturday with the traditional relay race starting and ending outside Kulturhuset.

WITHIN A HAIR OF A MILLION: A polar bear pelt and a lost beard help Longyearbyen raise 999,798 kr. for annual TV auction – and another first per-person donation win nationally


Update (5:30 p.m. Monday): It appears local donations will indeed top one million kroner due to additional money collected by Longyearbyen students and residents in Ny-Ålesund. Story below is updated with details.

Original story: By now it barely qualifies as news Svalbard finished first for yet another year among 423 municipalities in a nationwide TV auction fundraiser, but a few numbers are likely to raise eyebrows: the local total of 999,798 kroner is about 100,000 kroner more than last year, with some new fund raisers supplementing the usual intense efforts of regulars.

Yet it’s 202 kroner short of one million, which might trigger thoughts of how every individual can make a difference. But apparently not for long, since the “official” total listed as of Sunday night doesn’t include some late-arriving funds.

BAITING BIDDERS: Want to rent a rescue ship, test your spy skills or cozy up with a dead polar bear? Local auction offers extra exotica as Norway engages in telethon Sunday


Calling an event lively when it begins with a fossil and ends with a polar bear pelt might seem like a contradiction, but in-between those two remnants from deceased wildlife are more than a hundred items locals will spent several hours battling each other for – including a chance to infiltrate a top-secret government facility, a barrel of jet fuel and a chance to pick up trash for several days.

CHARITY IS SUCH A BURDEN: Racers in hazmat suits, prison chains and other extras kick off month-long effort to help vulnerable women worldwide as part of national TV auction


Berit Vasstrand wasn’t a prisoner trying to make a quick getaway (like that’d be possible with the ball and chain attached to her wrist over a full-body striped outfit). Instead, as an employee for Svalbard’s governor (but not, as one might guess, a police officer), she and some coworkers were out to help unknown women suffering elsewhere by taking on a challenge that might be dubbed Bureaucrats Bearing Burdens.

A million little pieces: Svalbard again by far biggest per-person donor with 1.1M kr. raised for annual TV auction charity event


It’s as reliable as the sun coming up in the morning (actually far more so since the polar night starts Friday): Every year Svalbard residents donate by far the most per-person to a nationwide fundraiser that culminates in a TV auction to benefit a specific cause.

This year was no different despite lingering tough economic times locally, with Svalbard raising a total of 1,099,988 kroner as of early Monday morning – total of 503.31 kroner per resident, according to NRK. Utsira ranked second at 325.55 kroner and Träna third at 260.06 kroner.

Trophy pelt: Polar bear skin helps Svalbard pass 1M kr., remain most generous donors during annual charity telethon


A traditional barrage of last-minute generosity by locals ensured Svalbard surpassed the one-million-kroner milestone and once again was the top per-person contributor to an annual fundraiser highlighted by a TV auction hosted by NRK. That and a couple of polar bear skins.