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Imitation art work: Government’s ‘debut’ of artists’ residency program in Longyearbyen overlooks original


Yes, it’s a shinier version of what we already have, but it’s rather misleading the givers of the gift keep insisting it’s a new, first-time thing.

“Norwegian government launches art foundation and residency on Svalbard,” is typical of the barrage of global headlines during the past couple of weeks, after the government announced June 12 it is providing two million kroner annually for a residency program supporting three to five artists per year. The announcement coincided with an exhibition by the museum’s first resident artist and a conference of international artists focusing on the Arctic.

Old-time tough: Reunion of post-WWII residents relives a rough and roguish era with lots of laughs and sorrow


To an ordinary tourist it’s a rusting mine cart with an odd driver’s “seat” at the rear. But for Terje Nūbdal, 59, it marks the spot where a colleague was killed in an accident 34 years ago.

“The driver was standing and he fell out and was killed,” Nūbdal said while exploring his former workplace inside Mine 3 on Saturday with about 40 other former and current Longyearbyen residents participating in a weekend reunion. “He was on the switching track and thought it was going to go one way, but it went the other way.”

Not all in a party mood: Many voters Many voters oppose a dominant council majority


For Turid Telebond, a Longyearbyen resident for the past 40 years, it was inevitable this would be an election of change. But she faced a dilemma where none of the likely outcomes were entirely satisfying.