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In the bag: Far less garbage than normal found during governor’s annual cleanup cruise. That’s a bad thing.


It’s not enough for people to trash some of Mother Nature’s best beachfront property; they’re also drugging her so she’s reacting abnormally when folks try to clean up a bit of the mess.

Visitors were greeted with ice barricades and hostile weather when trying to approach many of the coastlines in northern Svalbard during this year’s cleanup cruise organized by The Governor of Svalbard. Those obstacles meant participants only collected about 60 cubic meters of trash in two five-day trips, far short of the average of about 100 cubic meters – to say nothing of the 155 cubic meters in 2013.

Random bits of weirdness for the week of March 21, 2017


Don’t believe those new claims Norway is the happiest country in the world (or the recent study showing Svalbard folks are happier than those on mainland) – according to many informed people living elsewhere we’re simply deluged and deranged for various reasons. And when you see photos like what these folks at Isfjord Radio consider a proper winter wardrobe sanity would seem to be on the side of the skeptics.

Random weirdness for the week of July 26, 2016


It seems the Big Wet One has been left high and dry in Svalbard and, using a brain only a cartoon character could possess, has decided climbing up a frozen mountain is his only hope for survival. This isn’t what’s in the local safety training book but since this week’s fishwrapper reveals our editor is Svalbard’s stupidest stumbler in terms of safeguards, we won’t be judgemental.

Random weirdness for the week of April 5, 2016


Longyearbyen residents are so deliriously delighted they’re delusional about where they live, at least if this photo is how the town actually looks instead of the place locals think they’re living.

Stinky prize: ‘Trash lottery’ winners clear 101 cubic meters of trash from north shores during cleanup cruise


Winning the “trash lottery” so you can be Svalbard’s version of a “sanitation engineer” is awesome. Getting a big prize is more of a mixed blessing.

Twenty-four winners of a drawing involving more than 200 people cleared a total of 101 cubic meters of garbage from the shores of north Spitsbergen during the annual cleanup cruise hosted by The Governor of Svalbard.