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FRESHLY FRUENE: Cafe reopens with more ‘airy’ feel, additional seating and upgraded kitchen with after month-long renovation


Trygve Harald Amundsen, 73, reentered the cafe where he has drank coffee with a group of friends every morning for the past ten years and, after a look around the once-familiar space that has literally been turned sideways after a month-long renovation, picked out after a momentary glance a long table near the new counter where they’ll gather from now on.

“It’s nice,” he said while paying for his coffee while nodding an inquisitive colleague toward their new table. “We have our special space back.”

FAREWELL TO FRUENE AS WE KNOW IT: New Year’s Eve is the final day for the familiar cafe before it undergoes a complete month-long upgrade


Fruene, the landmark 16-year-old cafe that is the last “untouched” space in the renovated Lompensenteret shopping center, will close its familiar space for the last time at 4 p.m. on New Year’s Eve in preparation for a complete redesign expected to take about a month to complete.

TRYM, TRYM, TRYM AGAIN: Three-time national gold medalist Trym Aunevik, 17, takes lifetime of overcoming disability to new heights with personal bests at Special Olympic World Games


Trym Aunevik, 17, can fire the rifles local teachers carry at recess in case of polar bears, but isn’t allowed to attend school because there’s no program for someone with Down’s Syndrome. But the lessons of a lifetime of challenges and endurance are reaping unprecedented rewards for him – and family and supporters at his side since birth – as the three-time national champion swimmer is achieving new heights of victory this week at the Special Olympic World Games in Abu Dhabi.